Friday, June 4, 2010

The Journey of 100lbs.....

.....begins with just one step. I've decided that it is time to lose this weight that has slowly piled on over the past years. About 7 years ago, I'd gotten down to within 20lbs of my high school graduation weight, but after the loss of my cousin, grandmother and great-aunt, 20lbs crept back on. In 2005, after the death of my father, 65lbs raced on. I'm tired of it, so I'm doing something about it.
Last month, I started listening to the All About the Mouse Disney podcast, as well as the WDW Radio podcast. The gentlemen who host these two shows are always talking about their experiences training for and participating in the Walt Disney World Marathon and 1/2-Marathon. One of them, Mr. Lou Mongello (oh, Lou!), has used this as his avenue of losing weight. So, I've decided to let their stories and advice aid me in my weight loss travel.
So, I am about to begin training for the WDW Family Fun Run 5K.
As I journey toward better health, this blog will take you with me, through my struggles and triumphs. Along the way, we'll visit the things that mean the most to me: my faith, my family, Disney, geocaching, and swimming/scuba diving.
2011 Goals:
January - WDW 5K, Lake Buena Vista, FL
April - Eco-Adventure Race, Athens, GA
May - Warrior Dash, GA
June 4 - My First Triathlon, Lake Lanier Islands, GA
June - Muddy Buddy, GA
Summer/Fall - Spartan Race, Atlanta, GA
All abo-oard!